We are currently working on a 63 bed care home in Wrexham where we are doing the groundworks.

We are currently working on a row of houses on Parkgate Road, Chester. We took down the old walls and excavated the gardens. We then built new walls, topped with coping stones and pillar caps. Marshall flags were laid to form steps and pathways to the properties. The gardens are finished in golden gravel and

Pond construction in Ruthin.

Tuesday, 03 November 2015 by

We constructed a pond, put in place underground drainage. The area was finished in clean limestone and a treated timber fence erected.

We excavated the area, layed French drain, perforated pipework, terram and clean stone. We then put down pattern imprinted concrete and the area was finished with Golden gravel.

You can see part of the wall we built in Berwyn slate. We layed the driveway in clean limestone.

Area was excavated, we then erected treated timber fence and then layed down clean limestone and edging stones.